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Message From The Managing Partner & Director

While Making Mezaaj and Getting Incubated at Plan 9 (Pakistan Tech Incubator) and then at NIC Lahore (Pakistan Largest Business Incubator) I always had one thing in mind that the student fashion and textile designers pay a lot of money for their studies and what they get at the end of that is nothing. They have degrees but here the students that have been part of big named fashion and textile institutes those students only get good jobs and can make their dreams come true of becoming a fashion brand under their own name. But what about the rest of the majority student designers? In Sialkot this situation is worse as there is no limit in the talent here but there are no platforms to give exposure to this talent. Creative Designers that can do more brilliant work than any other institute student designer can do in Pakistan but still lack to reach their goals and make a name for themselves. With my Experience and Help from my team, Mentors and My Investor I am able to create this FASHION INCUBATOR named “IDBS” for these young and talented designers where these designers don’t have to worry about what we will do next? How we are going to sell our designs? Are our designs creative enough to catch the eye of this youth? How to get our brand shoot? What will we do to participate in a fashion event? Internships? Mentors? What? How? Where? I and My Team with the support of our Mentors in Shaa Allah will fulfill all these dreams of these young designers. As our tag line Says “YOUR DREAMS OUR INSPIRATION”