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The Pakistani Fashion Industry is at a boom. Globally, our designers are being recognized for the extraordinary work they put up. The market is constantly growing and more and more students are opting for the fashion field. But as the industry is still at its beginning stages, there are not many chances for success. The Big fashion giants are ruling the market and this leaves little to no scope for new entrants to make their mark or get the break that they deserve. Even the ones that do get a chance to work with the “Big Names” end up showcasing their work under the big names themselves. Mezaaj is a business fashion platform that allows fashion designers to showcase their work under their own name. They work towards providing a platform to student fashion designers as well as Indie brands. Mezaaj represents the identity or the persona of an individual. For this reason Mezaaj aims to incorporate individuality and uniqueness at all levels. The work that they showcase is 100% original as they have a strong no replication policy. The big names which are currently ruling the market also charge big prices. Mezaaj by promoting new and upcoming designers would also make available to the consumers prices that are more reasonable and affordable. They want to give the consumer what their conscious entails and give the new designers a chance to project in their work what their conscious necessitates. The further aim is to develop a fashion incubator of these young and talented fashion and textile student designers. The founding team of Mezaaj consisted of 5 members, Ahmed Izhar, Maryam Izhar, Missal Nawaz,, Asma Munir and Rameez Javed. With a background in fashion, they have the required knowledge required to work in this industry. These five are an amalgamation of an unflagging and vivacious attitude required to make it big. This coupled with an unwavering approach to any complication, and obstinacy for their vision, ensures that they would go far. Mezaaj have the vision to be the incubators of the fashion industry. They want to give the new designers a supportive environment that would help them thrive and make their mark within the industry. The process they have to recruiting fashion designers is going to various fashion schools. There they talk to the department heads. A brief is given to the students who are then given a period of one week to create their designs. The best 3 designers are selected and are then put through the process of incubation. The incubation period lasts for 4 months. During this period the designs of these designers are put online and the revenue generated from the sales are then used to put up a fashion show towards the end of the incubation cycle. Mezaaj up till now have incubated 108 designers from different universities of Lahore and Sialkot and have provided them with all the facilities that they require to become a brand under their own names. This process will go on and on.